I created a mobile app to copy text from system/browser to mobile

May 12, 2019

most of the time I need to share something in mobile messenger which is available in system or browser. I can use web version of the messenger, but some of them don’t have a web version.

so I created an app to quickly copy/move text to my mobile.

Technology used

  1. React native
  2. Firebase

firebase is straight forward to sync the text with DB.

How to use

  1. Open the app, visit
  2. scan the QR code in the app
  3. that’s it, your browser and your mobile is synced.
  4. you can paste the text in the browser or mobile, it will be synced on both.
  5. you can copy paste the text in mobile or browser to use.

Download that app from Google Play store

It’s react native app, I can build the same for iPhone also but I must buy developer license to publish. So this app is published only on Google play store now.

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