Getting started with Flutter - Installation

April 03, 2022

1. Install Flutter

Flutter extracted location

1.1 Update environment variable

add c:\flutter\bin into path environment variable.

Add flutter into environment variable

1.2 Ensure that environment variable is set correctly.

go to command prompt and run the below command

where flutter dart

Where flutter dart output

run flutter doctor command Flutter doctor output

2. Install andriod studio

download and install android studio

Select android virtual device in install

Android installation

once the installation is done, open the andriod studio.

Click next in the android welcome screen

select standard installation method. standard-installation

Select accept in the license agreement

  • select android-sdk-license and click Accept.
  • select intel-android-extra-license and click Accept.
  • select android-sdk-preview-license and click Accept.

License agreemnt select agree

Installation is going on android installation going on

2.1 Create virtual device

In the android welcome screen, click More Actions and select Virtual Device Manager. If you don’t get welcome screen in Andriod studio then close the current project File --> Close project. It will close the project and take you to the welcome screen. Welcome to android studio screen

In the Device manager screen click Create device button. Create device button in Device manager window

Select a phone hardware and click Next. Select Phone type in virtual device config

Here, select phone software (Android OS) by clicking Download link near the OS version. Select phone OS

Selected image(OS) will be installed. Selected OS is installed

Once the image(OS) installed you can see the Download link gone for that name. Which means that image is already downloaded. We can click Next button now. After OS installed

There will be play button in the device manager, use that to open the emulator. Play button to open the Emulator

Emulator will be like below. Andriod emulator

use flutter doctor command to see everything is installed. flutter doctor command after emulator installed from the above screen we can see there are two items are missing in the installation/configuration.

2.2 cmdline-tools component is missing

from flutter doctor we got cmdline-tools component is missing. We will install that in this step.

Open android studio. Click SDK manager icon. SDK manager icon in Android studio

  1. Select Appearance & Behavior --> System settings --> Andriod SDK.
  2. Select SDK Tools tab.
  3. Check the Android SDK Command line Tools.
  4. Click Apply

Android SDK command line

Run flutter doctor command again to see. flutter doctor after Command line tools installed Now the command line tool issue gone. Only the android licnese issue there. We will resove in the next step.

2.3 Android licenses not accepted for flutter

Run below command

flutter doctor --android-licenses

to resolve the android licenses.

Once done run flutter doctor again. flutter doctor after issues solved

Now we are ready to create flutter app.

3. Create flutter app

  • Go to a directory where you want to place the flutter application.
  • run flutter create yourAppName

flutter create app command

We have created our app, now we have to open Emulator to run the app.

3.1 Open emulator to run

Open andriod studio. If you don’t see welcome screen then File --> Close project in android to see the welcome screen.

In the welcome screen, click then Virtual Device Manager. Open VDM in welcome screen

In the device manager click Play button to open the Emulator. Open emulator from Device manager

3.2 Run flutter

use flutter run command to run the flutter app. running flutter

What’s next

This is just installation and creating first flutter app tutorial. Thtere is a long way to go. Refer below tutorial.

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