My 2020 year in review

January 05, 2021

Official (work)

  1. Travelled to Poland for taking over a product(App) from vendor (Jan 2020).
  2. Travelled to SouthAfrica for a product(Software) commissioning (Feb 2020).
  3. Worked in VueJs/NodeJs/Java project.
  4. Worked in Android/Kotlin mobile app alone and published 3 new features.
  5. Participated in a knowledge transfer of a product(Angular/NodeJs) from vendor.
  6. Worked in my main project (C#/WPF).
  7. Worked in a new project (IoT – Linux Shell, Python).
  8. Took Git and Flutter sessions to team.

Personal (my world)

  1. Learned Dart/Flutter.
  2. Developed an app and published in play store.
  3. Learned Docker and published an app using Docker (React/Node/PostgreSQL/Nginx).
  4. Couple of blog posts in my website.
  5. Started teaching Web development for kids.

Planning for 2021

  1. Learn Go or Rust.
  2. Become expert in Typescript+React.
  3. Publish one more mobile app.
  4. Create an inventory app for my friend.
  5. Write more blogs.

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