Converting my blog to Gatsby

January 18, 2019

I had my blog on wordpress.

Early days PHP was ruling the web and I learned PHP and created my website in WordPress and hosted. It was quite good and nice.

I learned JavaScript

I knew js already (we can’t imaging without js for a webpage) with jQuery and Ajax then NodeJs came into lime light. It was more promising. I liked the event driven and web-sockets in Nodejs very much. Also don’t need to learn one more language for server side, in my case it’s PHP.

Wanted to update my blog

I decided to move my blog from PHP to JavaScript and I already started ReactJs in my projects, so obviously I ended with Gatsby which is really cool.


I didn’t had much blog to backup. It was only 7 blogs!!! (I have to write more blogs, in 2019 you will see more ;) ) so I just simply copy paste the content into a MS-Word file and saved.


It is really nice framework for static web pages (not only for this, for now I use this for blogging). I started with Gatsby’s starter blog, that recipe was very simple, I just have to create markdown files in content folder and it was automatically shown in my site! I manully copy paste the content from the word file to editor(md format).


I tried to use pandoc to convert my word file and it didn’t go well because my word file is not properly formated due to line numbers in source code, also it was just only 7 articles, instead of automating that conversion, copy/paste was efficient.

My blog backup as word format

word file

After converted to md using pandoc

pandoc conveted from docx to md

I dind’t had much posts, so I manually copied and pasted.

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